Terms of Service

Welcome to the EarnDailyPay Network

Terms of Service


Welcome to EarnDailyPay Network. The following Terms of Service (“TOS”) contains the terms and conditions that govern your use of this Web Site and EarnDailyPay Network Services (as defined below).

This TOS describes your rights and responsibilities and what you can expect from the EarnDailyPay Network. If you do not read, understand, and agree to all of the TOS, you may not use the Website.

EarnDailyPay Network reserves the right to add to, delete, or change this TOS because of frequent changes in Internet technology and applicable law. As such, you should check this TOS from time to time for such changes. Use of the EarnDailyPay Network assumes that you accept these terms.

EarnDailyPay Network Service

  • EarnDailyPay Network is a Free Work at Home Community where Members can Make Money Online.  We Also will Assist you with Training and All the Tools you need to be successful with when working Online.  There is no cost to Create a EarnDailyPay Network Account
  • Breach of these terms will result in account closure and or Locked on all of the EarnDailyPay Network web sites your use of our Sites will be forfeited. Members with closed accounts are forbidden from creating a new account on any EarnDailyPay Network web sites.
  • As a Member you are only allowed one account on each of our sites, Meaning You can only have 1 http://www.earndailypay.com/one/ and 1 http://www.earndailypay.com/two/, Not 2 of the same site.  If you are found with multiple Accounts All Accounts will be Closed all commissions earned will be Removed.
  • Members are responsible for securing their EarnDailyPay Network account information. Accounts found or reported to be compromised will be immediately locked and all uses of our site will be forfeited.  EarnDailyPay Network is not responsible for losses incurred due to compromised.
  • Members are Never Allowed to login into in any other Members Account for Any Reason.  If you are found Logging into anyone elses account, both Accounts will Be Closed, and you will lose all commissions earned.
  • EarnDailyPay Network Does Not Guarantee that all companies Advertised on Our Website Pays Daily, You must do what is Required to Make Money just signing up for an Account Does not entitle Any of the Companies Including the EarnDailyPay Network will Pay you.
  • As a Member on our Sites you Must login to your Account at least once a week and click on Members, this is how you can access your member profile page or Must be signed up on and have completed Requirement for at least One or More Programs.


  1. All users must provide accurate contact information including name and e-mail address upon signing up. Providing invalid or falsified information may, at our sole discretion, result in an account being placed on hold.
  2. Only one account is allowed per household, per person, per e-mail address and per IP address. You must be 18 or older to participate in our websites.
  3. Once registered on EarnDailyPay, your account with our network is permanent and cannot be deleted.
  4. A user may be put on hold for any suspicious activity such as scamming or fraud whether it’s on our sites, or any other sites.
  5. Users may not sign up or sign in from a public area such as a workplace, college campus, or library. A user may also not sign up or sign into our site via a proxy, which includes ISPs such as AOL, Earthlink & Netscape.
  6. A user may have a maximum of one account. Any accounts sharing the same IP address are considered duplicate accounts and will be placed on hold.
  7. Walking referrals through the process of completing the site is prohibited.
  8. Accounts may be suspended or closed at any time for any reason based on the discretion of the EarnDailyPay Network.
  9. Spamming referral links or sending unsolicited personal messages to reach your goal will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will result in a hold.
  10. Users must be PayPal verified to receive PayPal payments from EarnDailyPay Network
  11. f PayPal Charges a Fee for us to send funds, Such as 0.10, We will only send $19.90.
  12. .When suspected of suspicious activities a user may be asked to provide a scan of their Driver’s License or other source of ID, in order to verify their information and help us to prevent fraud.

How to contact EarnDailyPay Network:

  • Email us at: support@earndailypay.com
  • Call or Text us: 1 (210) 549-7243
  • Submit a Support Ticket or a Message